User Experience & User Interface (UX & UI) Development

Your website represents your company, products, and story. Make sure it’s accessible, responsive, and easy-to-navigate.

We work with many clients who have had trouble maintaining or updating their website. Maybe they tried to make updates ti their site and accidentally broke something, encountered a glitch or bug that crashed their website, or just struggled to find a developer they could mesh with. 

It happens. We get it. Websites are dynamic and it may feel like things are out of your control. That’s why we specialize in improving, fixing, and troubleshooting issues on websites that predate our involvement. 

Check out the below examples of website where we’ve updated and improved sites that ran into issues and needed our expert touch.

E-Commerce Site Built on WordPress and Connected with Shopify

This client was having issues with the connection between Shopify and their site, and were experiences UX issues as a result that prevented a seamless flow through the e-commerce purchase process. 

Combination In-Person Studio with Online Booking and E-Commerce Built on a Bespoke Platform

This client needed updates to be made to galleries on this bespoke site that exceeded the technical capabilities of the client. We also assisted in adjusting spacing and layout to display projects on the site in a UX-friendly way.

In-Person Design Studio Built on a Bespoke Site Platform

The client needed several updates made to the design of the site including updating the homepage layout, creating several animations on the site, and improving site speed. We also worked with this client on improving SEO on the site.

Virtual Coaching Built on WordPress with a Design Limited Theme

This client was working on building a brand new website on WordPress with a theme that ended up causing more problems than solving, and the client needed help overhauling design on many parts of the website so it met their branding standards and provided the best UX to reflect their offerings.

Service Website Hosted on WordPress

This website was built and managed by the company but ended up having the site crash and be completely inaccessible due to a 500 internal server error code, which needed to be resolved ASAP to prevent losing site traffic.

Interactive Quiz with Variable Results on a Service Website

This client had a pre-built website and had a quiz they were hosting on a static form from a third party and would show the results of the quiz on the webpage. We made the quiz more interactive, natively hosted it, and added a content lock so the client could collect emails of leads and the customer could have the results saved in their email.