Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a strategic approach to reach a targeted audience, increase brand visibility, and drive conversions by investing in targeted ad placements. There are all sorts of different types of paid ads, including social media advertising, Google search, display, and shopping ads, video advertising, and more.

Whether you’re just starting or you have active campaigns that you need to optimize, we’ll help you improve the performance of your ads, reach the right audience, and maximize the effectiveness of your budget.

Google search & display ads for a personal injury law firm:

5%+ clickthrough rates on search campaign
22%+ conversion rates (phone calls and form submissions)
~ $34 cost per conversion – far below industry average

CPC Facebook ads for a psychology conference:

Reached over 1600 people on a $100 budget
$1.15 cost per action (tickets sold)
~ 3% conversion rate from impressions

Google search ads service-focused business:

13%+ conversion rate
Tripled the conversion rate of new ads
Conversion rate continued to grow ~ 1.5% month over month

Facebook & Instagram display ads for a film  release:

8.8% clickthrough rate 
$0.05 cost per click 
Reached 16,000 on a $100 budget

Google search & display ads for a community college:

$0.87 cost per click
22%+ clickthrough rate
Cost per click decreased by ~ $0.20 month over month

Google search ads and Facebook CPC ads for a nonprofit:

Tripled downloads over a 6-mo period
Improved Google ad optimization score from 77% to 100%
Resolved issues on over 20 disapproved Google ads
97%+ top impression share on Google ads
~ $0.25 CPC on Facebook ads
21%+ on single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) on Google ads
Reached over 12,000 people on $150 budget

Google search ads for a nonprofit:

Applied for and approved for a Google Ad Grant
5%+ clickthrough rate
~ $2 conversion rate
Quadrupled site traffic